History & Key Facts

Rothesay Life is a leading provider of regulated insurance solutions in the UK market for pensions de-risking. We provide solutions to pension schemes and other insurance companies. Established in 2007, Rothesay Life has grown to become the largest specialist annuity provider in the UK market. On 31 December 2018, we had over £36bn of assets under management, insuring the pensions of over 770,000 individuals. During 2018 we paid a total of £1.9bn in pension benefits.


Rothesay Life founded and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

February 2008

First transaction completed: £700m buy-out of the Rank Group's pension fund, the largest buy-out at the time.


Total of £4.3bn pension scheme de-risking transactions completed, including the largest buy-in at the time.

January 2011

Acquistion of Paternoster with £3bn bulk annuity portfolio.


£5bn of further pension de-risking transactions completed.

December 2013

New investors in Rothesay Life - GIC, Blackstone and MassMutual.

May 2014

Acquisition of Metlife Assurance Limited with £2.5bn bulk annuity portfolio.


£5bn of further annuity de-risking, including first reinsurance transaction.

April 2016

Rothesay purchases £6bn annuity portfolio from Aegon UK, the first substantial annuity transfer since Solvency II implementation.

August 2017

Blackstone, GIC and MassMutual acquire Goldman Sach's shareholding in Rothesay Life.

March 2018

Rothesay Life completed the largest ever acquisition of an in-force block of annuities by completing a £12bn transaction with Prudential plc. The transaction covered over 400,000 policyholders and resulted in Rothesay Life’s assets under management increasing to over £37bn.


  • Over 750,000 lives insured by Rothesay Life
  • Over £2bn pensions paid by Rothesay Life to policyholders annually
  • Over £37 billion of assets under management, invested to support the payments to our pensioners
  • A large investor in the UK economy, with over £14.5 billion invested in areas including transportation, infrastructure, housing and utilities
  • Over 170 pension fund transactions processed

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