Risk Reporting Analyst

Rothesay Life’s Chief Risk Officer has a team that consists of a Head of Market Risk, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Credit Officer, Chief Actuary and a Model Risk group. The Credit Risk team’s responsibilities include internal ratings, credit analysis, portfolio analysis, deal review and approval, limits and exposures management, surveillance and counterparty risk.  The team continues to grow in response to Rothesay Life requirements, as the company looks to diversify, with credit being a key area in this.


  • Implement transparent and robust processes to facilitate internal and external risk reporting.
  • Analyze and understand information included on reports to effectively communicate with recipients of reports, respond to questions and conduct investigation.
  • Aggregate information from a variety of sources to create detailed and accurate reports representing counterparty risk and the risk & portfolio construction of the firm’s investment portfolio.
  • Assess the needs for infrastructure development and engage with IT team to define the process and infrastructure improvements
  • Respond to inquiries from various internal stakeholders across first (portfolio managers, finance, capital and operations) and second line
  • Utilize all features of Excel and PowerPoint to produce reports and share information in clear and detailed manner; consistent with firm’s brand / format

Skills & Experience:


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree; 
  • 3+ years banking/financial services industry experience;
  • Financial product and market data knowledge;
  • Exceptional Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding of other areas e.g. Credit, Finance, Accounting a bonus
  • Ability to work well within a team environment and participate in department and team projects
  • Flexibility and pro-active mind-set

Disclaimer This position description is intended to describe the duties most frequently performed by an individual in this position. It is not intended to be a complete list of assigned duties, but to describe a position level.  The role shall be performed within a professional office environment. Rothesay has health and safety polices that are available for all workers upon request.  There are no specific health risks associated with the role.

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