Credit Analyst

Job title:           Credit Analyst

Reports to:       Senior Credit Analyst

Contract:          Permanent

Rothesay Life’s Chief Risk Officer has a team that consists of a Head of Market Risk, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Credit Officer, Chief Actuary and a Model Risk group. The Credit Risk team’s responsibilities include internal ratings, credit analysis, portfolio analysis, deal review and approval, limits and exposures management, surveillance and counterparty risk.  The team continues to grow in response to Rothesay Life requirements, as the company looks to diversify, with credit being a key area in this.



=         Support the development and implementation of portfolio monitoring framework where required, as the company develops and builds out its credit analysis.

=         Particular responsibility for the monitoring and assessment of RL’s non-FIG portfolio across all asset classes, monitoring compliance with credit risk limits and communication of credit information to relevant parties within RL on a timely basis

=         On a daily basis monitor rating actions, company announcements and news flow for all non-FIG assets within the RL portfolio. Stay up-to-date with sector research, government policy and macro-economic trends that could potentially affect RL’s portfolio. Perform regular reviews of all asset classes in the portfolio.

=         Develop monitoring tools, gain access to research sources and develop relationships with external agencies including the regulator, research analysts, rating agencies and issuers to better understand all credit risks for all issuers in RL’s portfolio.

=         Understand the rating agencies' criteria and methodologies applied on RL’s portfolio, monitor and analyse all rating agency actions and assess the potential implications for the portfolio. Understand internal rating methodologies to the same degree. Consider and challenge the appropriateness of ratings as part of the regular asset reviews, and highlight risks and vulnerabilities to these ratings.

=         Ensure rating changes (internal and external) are captured within RL systems on a timely basis (same day), and are communicated to relevant parties internally, including an analysis of capital impact. Reconcile RL ratings with external data to ensure accuracy ahead of month end reporting.

=         Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders including the asset origination team, the risk team, senior management, and industry participants.

=         Participating in industry events and staying informed through review of market research in order to monitor market trends and appropriately challenge new investment proposals.


Skills & Experience:



=         Minimum 2:1 graded BSc or equivalent from a reputable University.

=         Minimum of 3+ years of experience in a similar role.

=         Familiarity with the fixed income market, with exposure to the broader unsecured corporate market.

=         Strong analytical skills and attention to detail with a high level of proficiency in Excel/VBA and excellent financial modelling skills.

=         Strategic awareness and professional maturity: enabling this individual to visualise and communicate quantitative and qualitative risks, and their implications firm-wide.

=         A self-starting, pro-active attitude. Rothesay Life operates a flat, meritocratic working environment. Candidates need to be comfortable operating autonomously and demonstrate the ability to form effective relationships and achieve influence at the most senior levels within the organisation;

Disclaimer This position description is intended to describe the duties most frequently performed by an individual in this position. It is not intended to be a complete list of assigned duties, but to describe a position level.  The role shall be performed within a professional office environment. Rothesay has health and safety polices that are available for all workers upon request.  There are no specific health risks associated with the role.

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