How we look after personal data is set out in our privacy notices. These also explain how personal data is protected and an individual's rights surrounding their data. 

The two privacy notices provided below relate to individuals who are entitled to pension benefits secured through us.

Privacy notice: PN (individual policy)

You should read this privacy notice if you are one of the following:

Privacy notice: PN (trustee, other insurer)

You should read this privacy notice if you are one of the following:

  • A member of a pension scheme and the trustees have purchased an insurance policy from us under which we have an obligation to pay specified benefits to the trustees in respect of you
  • A member of a pension scheme whose trustees purchased an insurance policy from another insurer which was then transferred to us.

All of our privacy notices can be accessed from the data protection page in the footer: Data Protection

Privacy information for pension scheme trustees to provide to their members

We provide pension scheme trustees with whom we have an insurance arrangement with ‘privacy information’ to send to their members. The privacy information explains who we are, what we do and the arrangement we have with the trustees. In particular, it describes how we process and protect pension scheme members’ personal data, and members’ rights surrounding this data.

If you would like to see the privacy information document  we provide to trustees when they purchase a policy from us please see: Trustee privacy information

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