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Please use the appropriate box below to find the correct contact details to use.

The box that you should use depends on who our policy is with as described below.

a) Our policy is with an individual
If you want to contact us about an individual policy, please search for the name of your (or the original policyholder's) previous pension scheme/insurance company by typing in this box:

b) Our policy is with the trustees of a pension scheme or another insurance company

If our policy is with:

  • The trustees of your Scheme and you have not been issued with an individual Policy, you should contact the trustees of your Scheme
  • Another insurance company that will transfer individuals to us in due course as part of a part VII transfer, you should contact the other insurance company

For the contact details to use in these cases, please search fo the relevant pension scheme or insurance company by typing in this box:

If you cannot find the pension scheme/insurer you are looking for using the search functions above:


Please try to find the contact details for the team administering your policy from the dropdown lists on the previous page.

If, however, you cannot find your previous scheme/insurer in the dropdown lists, to help us to identify the team to send your query to, please enter as many of the data items below as you can.

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Note: We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 7 working days. Thank you!