Aegon Part VII Transfer

Welcome to the Part VII Transfer section of our website.

In April 2016, Rothesay Life Plc acquired part of Aegon’s annuity portfolio. The Court Hearings took place in June 2017 and the UK Court confirmed it's approval on 15 June 2017, followed by the Jersey and Guernsey Courts.

The transfer was achieved through a Scheme of Transfer which was submitted to the High Court for its approval under Part VII of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

On 30 June the transfer of the affected Aegon Policies to Rothesay Life Plc took place, and transferred Aegon Policyholders can find our contact details in our Policyholder site - Contact Us.

If you are Rothesay Life Policyholder and have any further queries regarding the transfer; or you were previously an Aegon Policyholder, whose Policy has now transferred to Rothesay Life and you would like you discuss your Policy, please click the link below for further contact details.

Contact Us

Court Order sanctioning the Scheme
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