Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A message for our policyholders

Your pension is safe and secure

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our everyday lives is extraordinary and we appreciate how difficult it must be for many of our policyholders. Understandably, people are worried about their finances and we want to reassure all of our policyholders that we are here to support you and to continue to look after your pension benefits. Despite the impact this pandemic has had on the global economy and financial markets, whether you are a pensioner receiving your pension or a policyholder with a pension due when you retire, the benefits we have promised to pay you now and in the future will not be impacted.

Help us to help you

To help us to deal with any queries or requests as quickly as possible, please email us rather than posting a letter, if at all possible. Please ensure you include your name, policy number(s) and a contact telephone number.

Our helplines are still open, but please do bear with us should we take a little longer than usual to answer your call.

Please avoid the scammers

Sadly, scams are on the rise at the moment and many victims are being contacted by sophisticated fraudsters specifically regarding their pensions, bank accounts and security details. If anyone contacts you out of the blue about your pension, there is a high chance that it is a scam - do not give them your details.

To learn how to protect yourself from pension scams visit The Financial Conduct Authority’s website

In addition Age UK, the leading charity for older people, has produced an ‘Avoiding scams’ leaflet which you may find helpful. Please click on the following link to open the guide: Avoiding scams - smart ways to protect yourself

Your Policy

Full details of the benefits insured under a Policy are provided in the Policy Documentation.

For general information regarding a Policy, please click on the button below that applies to you.

I am receiving regular pension payments

My pension payments have not started yet

I want to know about  benefits on death

Helpful links

For some links to information from other organisations that you may find helpful please go to: Looking after our policyholders


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