We will continue to pay your pension directly into your bank or building society account each pay period, generally monthly. Depending on your Policy, part or all of your pension may be subject to increases each year.

Please note: Dependent Children's pensions are paid until the age set out in the Policy Documentation.

These are the three questions often asked by our pensioners:

Please may I have a P60?

We issue all of our pensioners with P60s after the end of each tax year. You will receive this automatically and do not need to request this. Please make sure you inform us of any change of address to ensure that you receive your P60.

Do I have the right to cash in my pension?

If you are already receiving your pension from us you do not have the right to surrender your Policy in return for a one-off cash lump sum. 

Does anyone receive any benefits when I die? If so who and what are the benefits?

This depends on your Policy. Click here for more information.

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